2019 02 Baboo Urea Plant Energy Improved by Installing Vortex Mixture

The paper intended to enhancement of energy and product quality by installing Vortex mixture in urea Reactor. This is the new approaches to convert reactant to useful product. In urea plant Carbon dioxide & ammonia are the reactants, in which the ammonia in liquid form and carbon dioxide is in gas form. The Carbon Dioxide is the limiting reactant. The percentage conversion calculated how much carbon dioxide converted to urea. The ammonia is excess reactant. For enhancement of conversion different process technique are used e.g. high efficiency trays etc. The Vortex mixture also the same function like CSTR. Efficiency enhancement of the synthesis section not only improves process parameters, but also increases final product output. The contact surface is increased by 1.5 – 2.0 times compared to conventional mixing arrangements. Efficient operation of synthesis section greatly depends on the amount of ammonia and Carbon Dioxide recycle. The worldwide Russian company M/S. NIIK is supplied the Vortex mixture at reasonable cost. The energy saving reported 0.03 to 0.08 Gcal/ton of Urea as depends upon plant capacity and process


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