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2018 Zhong Preparation of an Environment-friendly Biochar Fertilizer

Combining biochar with urea can not only enhance the release efficiency of urea, but also improve the soil environment thus promoting the growth of plant. However, the low mechanical strength and overuse of binder have limited the improvement of the biochar fertilizer (BF). An novel BF was prepared by putting the mixture of biochar and urea into a molding tube with diameter of 6-12mm and heating at 155℃. Molten urea (155℃) was used as binder to combine with biochar in a way of heterogeneous permeation & integration. The maximum compressive strengh of BF samples with different diameter are in the range of 46.34-108.54N, much larger to that of pure urea (12.1N). The leaching experiments show that only 19.5%-33.5% of BF samples released at the first day, exhibiting a slow-release property. Therefore, our study has demonstrated the potential of this novel BF for improving the effectiveness of fertilizer.


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