2018 Silva Fluid Dynamics of Gas-solid Fluidized Beds

Computational fluids dynamics is a very powerful tool understanding the behavior of multi phase in engineering applications. Large eddy simulation (LES) turbulence method provides a very detailed description of two phase flow, which makes it suitable for simulation models that are validated with experimental data. By applying the LES method, it is possible to characterize different regions of a fluidized bed (core-annulus). LES can be considered as a valuable method for development and validation of closure models that include additional phenomena like heat exchange, mass transfer and chemical reactions. It is important to constantly monitor the simulation, using parameters such as the Courant number, creating a function that calculates the maximum and average number of the control volume courant. The average value is recommended that is near or less than unity. Finally, it is important to comment that success in the validation of experimental data depends on the appropriate choice of the experimental technique used to measure variables.


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