2018 Baboo Troubleshooting Turbine Journal Bearing Vibration

This paper provides the basis for identifying and correcting turbine problem describes turbine front and rear journal bearing vibration problem  and  rectified  in  running plant by some modifications. The 31 CO2 compressor turbine tripped on dated 01/01/2018 & 9/01/18 on rear journal bearing RJB  (406  A/B)  vibration  high.  The  event  analysed  and preventive  action was taken  by some  minor  modification in running plant, this vibration was occurred due possibility of carbon deposition on the bearing in carbonization process of lube  oil  at  high  temperature. The  event  studied  and rectification  done  by  shielded  Oxygen  through purging  of Nitrogen in bearing and also gland steam temperature raised about 5-70C from saturation temperature.


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