2018 07 Baboo NFL Urea Plant Energy Improved with Operation Philosophy and Reactor Internals

The energy of H.P. loop directly proportional to the pressure of h.p loop. The H.P loop is the heart of urea plants. Conversion of urea depends loop. The H.P loop is the heart of urea plants. Conversion of urea depends trays, reactants mixing phenomenon, flow pattern etc. other than pressure. In conventional plants there was too much pressure of the reactors for higher urea conversion. Now philosophy has been changed our mind concentrated on flow pattern of the fluid dynamics and internals of the reactors. The performances of Urea Reactors can be improved by the application of the latest generation of internals like HET, Vortex mixture and conversion booster. As a consequence, the HET & Vortex mixture can be applied to design a new generation of urea reactors as well as to improve the performance of existing equipment in a retrofit design. The increase in the efficiency has permitted direct benefits to the overall day-by-day performances of the units, thus allowing lower energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact. The present paper based on these facts and how to improve energy by changing internals, operational parameters like molar ratio, recycling of water in the system, pressure & temperature of the system to improve energy and equipment’s life. The most important of these consists of a sharp reduction in specific steam consumption. The fluid-dynamics of a urea reactor can be significantly improved by the introduction of the latest generation of internals. e.g. Super cup trays, Vortex mixture, NIIK internals, siphon jet trays etc.  No pressure drop observed because the gas phase directly converted to liquid phase the driving force compensates the pressure drop and No load limitation. 


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