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2018 11 Baboo The Analysis & Prevention of Safety Hazards in NFL Complex

The success of any industries lies its efficient working which in turn depends not only on equally and quantity of the service or product but also much on safe working. NFL is totally committed to conduct all its activities in harmony with society and nature without compromising on the health and safety of the employees as well as the people living around the complex. A full-fledged safety and environment protection department has been set up in the unit to achieve fulfilment of its statutory obligations concerning prevention of personal injuries, maintaining safe working conditions and protection of environment. For effective implementation of Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) policy, Each and every employee shall observe the safe system of work and follow proper safety work permit system while carrying out maintenance job inside the factory. This paper provides the detailed analysis of these hazards: In which plant sections and during which project phase do these safety hazards occur, which safety hazards occur most frequent and which hazards has the highest risk factor and troubleshooting case study and further improvement to learn these incidents. The most critical safety hazards and recommends its prevention and mitigation measures. New surprising conclusion is that most safety hazards may lead to a sudden release of toxic ammonia. Suggestions how to safely behave in a urea plant and how to identify a maximum number of safety hazards, risk factor in primary reformer ,ammonia receiver and compressors house. With this objective comprehensive information has been described in this article ammonia/chlorine and others chemicals about its proprietaries toxic effect, fire hazard, safety appliances, and safety incorporated. Detail analysis of NFL Panipat incident. Study of high temperature Hydrogen Attack, which in an Ammonia plant typically occurs in areas such as secondary reformers, waste heat boilers/exchangers, high temperature shift converters, and methanator and synthesis loop equipment’s. Check list through the weep holes if leaks occur from lining and from the lined parts of high and medium pressure equipment. In case of leaks of liquid or gas the plant shall be shut down immediately and the damage repaired.


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