2018 06 Kukkady GPIC Urea Reactor Pre-active Modification and Repair GPIC Experience

This paper present GPIC experience in minimizing the impact of the Urea Reactor corrosion problem through open channel communication with the process licensor, contractor and other urea plant operators. The nine inspection & repairs opportunities provided wealth of information to consider during the life of such item. The design features and the process inherent corrosion phenomena present a challenge for any reliability program. The reliability of such equipment can be significantly improved if it was properly addressed at the design and construction stage taken in consideration the field experience of other operators and specialized maintenance contractors. To summarize , the most important lesson learned from the reactor history up to the date of this paper is that knowledge / information sharing approach and dynamic / proactive planning are two side of the same coin that contribute to the success of reliability program design for urea reactor, HP equipment or any special feature/design equipment.


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