2018 04 Baboo NFL Urea Product Quality

In this article includes many studies and investigation reporting on the effect of various parameters to the prills quality like crushing strength, size distribution, abrasion and impact resistance, humidity factors urea moisture absorption, vacuum studies etc. The Nitrogen, moisture, Prill strength & Biuret contents and the size distribution of prilled urea are important factors of determining urea quality. High temperature of prilled product is a common in most of urea plant in India. In some plants in India the temperature of prills as high 80oC in hot summer days at high load. Our plant temperature of prills is also 65-70oC.This result in poor strength dust formation, increase in caking tendency.
Granulated urea has definite advantage over prilled urea but expensive to produce till recently. We have installed a bulk flow cooler for line-1 & 2. 
A modification also done in Urea line-1 plant in month of March 2018 to solve foaming problem in waste water section (distillation tower) and this modification is now proven and beneficial.

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