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2018 02 Corno Saipem Optimization of steam and power generation systems in fertilizer complexes

A proper scheme identification and optimized design of Steam & Power Generation System is essential to increase energy efficiency and on-stream factor of a Fertilizer Complex, while ensuring a robust and flexible operation with minimum green-house gas emissions. Saipem has gained a wide experience in the design and optimization of Steam & Power Generation systems, both in grass root and brown-field Fertilizer Complexes and in Power Plants, tailor-made based on specific Clients’ requirements, geographical areas, integration with existing facilities, CAPEX and OPEX evaluations. Key factor is the close cooperation with technology suppliers of main Process Units and with major actors in the market of turbo-compressors and power generators. This paper deals with configurations of Steam and Power generation conceived, engineered and successfully implemented by Saipem over the years, as well as with alternative solutions to be applied both in new and in revamping projects.

This paper was presented at the CRU Nitrogen & Syngas Conference 2017.


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