2017 Hand Out UreaKnowHow Urea Clinic 2017 London – Revamp technologies

The UreaKnowHow.com TOP 10 Revamp Tools 2017 was presented in detail during the UreaKnowHow.com Clinic Nitrogen & Syngas Conference on 27 February 2017 in London.

#10. Venturi Steam traps

#9. SANDVIK PROCESS SYSTEMS Rotoformer and NIIK High Speed Drum Granulation

#8. KAPP CO2 Chiller

#7. SAIPEM OmegaBondTM Stripper in Saipem plants

#6. SOLEX Product Cooler

#5. High Efficiency Reactor Trays 

#4. LESER Urea Synthesis Safety Valves

#3. BADOTHERM Pressure and Level measurements

#2. Medium Pressure Technology in Stamicarbon plants

#1. Improve Your Safety Standards

Plus find the hand out of the presentations of CASALE, GGT, NIIK, SAIPEM and STAMICARBON


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