2017 Lorenzo Saipem WO2018092057 Integrated Process and Plant for Production of Urea and UAS Mixtures

An integrated process for production of urea and UAS comprises: a urea synthesis step carried out in a urea synthesis reactor (4); a recovery and concentration step, wherein a urea solution produced in the urea synthesis step is progressively concentrated in at least one recovery section (5,6,7) and in a concentration section (8), recovering unreacted ammonia and carbon dioxide and water from said urea solution; a step of producing ammonium sulphate by reaction of sulphuric acid and ammonia in an ammonium sulphate production apparatus (3); a step of mixing said ammonium sulphate with concentrated urea coming from the concentration section (8) to produce a UAS mixture; in the ammonium sulphate production step, at least a part of the ammonia is provided by at least one off­ gas containing ammonia and recovered from the recovery and concentration step.


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