2017 Inamdar IFFCO Operating Experience of modified Prilling Bucket at Urea Plant of Iffco Kalol Unit

Urea is considered as an organic compound due to its carbon content and solid urea is the largest nitrogen fertiliser product which is produced in two forms, namely, granules and prills. In prilling, the concentrated urea melt is fed to a perforated rotating bucket located at the top of the prilling tower. The bucket is rotated at high speed and sprays urea melt in the form of droplets, which fall down due to gravity. Liquid droplets are solidified and cooled on free fall through the tower against a forced or natural up-draft of ambient air to produce the urea prills. The velocity field in the bucket is very important as it has great effect on the heat and mass transfer performance in prilling process. The product is removed from the tower bottom by scrapper to a conveyor belt. In this article, efforts have been made to share the experience of modified prilling bucket at prilling tower of urea plant at IFFCO.


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