2017 Chari Material Handling Belt Conveyors

Material handling belt conveyors play a vital role in process, mining, power generation, manufacturing and transportation. In fact present day’s high standard of living is just not possible but for the advances in material handling belt conveyors technology. This article discusses the important points on belt construction, selection of belts and drives motor for a given duty, likely faults that could damage the belt and structures, and safeguards against them and other vital points on conveyor technology. The information provided would enable operating, maintenance and design engineers to get the best from existing and new conveyor belt systems.

This article also describes day-to-day information on conveyor belt systems viz. description of various parts and their special features, take up and steering systems, maintenance tips and belt scrapers, etc. This information a must for operating and maintenance field engineers would enable them to realize the best from their conveyor systems safely and economically, besides avoiding surprise break downs. A detailed description of drum motors a revolutionary concept of driving conveyor belts also appears in this article.


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