2017 09 Brown Power to Ammonia – OCI Nitrogen case

The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology has just published a feasibility study that represents a major step toward commercializing renewable ammonia which is production of ammonia from renewable energy to CO2-free ammonia as chemical feedstock and fuel.It examines the “value chains and business cases to produce CO2-freea mmonia,” analyzing the potential for commercial deployment at three companies with existing sites in The Netherlands: Nuon at Eemshaven, Stedinat Goeree-Overflakkee, and OCI Nitrogen at Geleen. The project is calledPower to Ammonia.The Power to Ammonia concept uses an electrolyzer to turn renewable energy(solar, wind, or tidal) into hydrogen, which is then turned into ammonia. The ammonia can be stored or transported as necessary (more easily and cheaply than hydrogen could be stored or transported), and then used either as a carbon-free feedstock for chemicals, making fertilizers or other industrial products, or as a fuel in a power plant.The end-use flexibility of ammonia is what makes this feasibility study so valuable. In the following paper this feasibility study is presented for OCINitrogen at Geleen site.


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