2017 08 Monstrey GGT Deep Vacuum Granulation for DEF production

Green Granulation Technology (GGT) is a world leading provider of fertilizer related process technology, offering urea granulation and other fertilizer-related technology.It is also the owner and licensor of the state-of-the art CRG urea granulation process.The next generation of the CRG (Cold Recycle Granulation) process, the CRG underDeep Vacuum, was successfully commissioned in 3 capacities, a 600MTPD, a1500MTPD and a 2700MTPD project. In each of these projects the same principles of the CRG process were adopted, but then applied under the principles of DeepVacuum. This paper gives the latest development, advantages and commissioning on industrial scale of a 2700 MTPD fertilizer plant in the field of solid urea production without usingUrea-Formaldehyde as anti-caking additive which then Urea granule can be used forDEF (Diesel Exhaust Fuel) production.


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