2016 Reddy NFCL Energy Conservation Efforts towards Better Environment and Profitability at NFCL

The NFCL commissioned two units of identical capacity of ammonia and urea plants in 1992 and 1998, respectively and both the plants were revamped in 2008-09 to increase the production capacity of ammonia and urea plants. Since commissioning NFCL has implemented a number of energy conservation measures in ammonia plant to improve efficiency of reformer furnace, C02 removal and synthesis sections, recovery and utilization of waste heat, etc. An APC was also installed in 2008-09 in Unit-1 ammonia plant for better control of critical parameters. In May 2014, a vortex mixture was installed in the urea reactor to improve the C02 conversion efficiency and savings in MP steam. The paper describes some of the schemes implemented by NFCL in ammonia and urea plant over last one decade.


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