2016 NIIK The use of the liquid CO2 in Urea reactors

In these days, the maintenance of a stable load of Urea plant remains one of the most important tasks, because the load reduction always results in the loss of production and drop in the profit. It is well known that the piston-type СО2 compressors require inaction periods for maintenance and repair. Therefore, it can be proposed to ensure a stable load of Urea plant by the use of the liquid СО2 instead of gaseous СО2 during the mentioned inaction periods. We analyzed many options how to practically use this liquid СО2 in the Urea synthesis unit, reduce investment costs, exclude the consumption of heat-transfer agent and simplify the process flow diagram as much as possible. Thus, we developed a special СО2 feeder unit designed in such a way that all liquid СО2 is completely evaporated into this unit when the liquid CO2 is mixed with a hot CO2 going from the gas compressors. Within the full-scale experiment the liquid СО2 demonstrated its suitability for use at the Urea synthesis units in order to improve the plants’ capacity when СО2 compression systems reach their limits. 


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