2016 Mathur Tata Inspection and Maintenance Practices at Tata Chemicals Brabala

Adherence to a scheduled and proactive maintenance approach, along with various inspection programs, is the key to extend the life of plant assets and is the backbone for safe and reliable plant operation. The policy, under which a fertiliser plant operates, always incites the management to re-evaluate their maintenance strategy to have a positive impact on their bottom line. At Babrala unit, innovative thoughts are implemented by teams to address the critical problems in a cost-effective way and simultaneously, with a focus on much effective combination of proactive maintenance and advanced condition monitoring techniques, this 1994 commissioned plant undergoes lot process and reliability improvement, which tags it as one of the most energy-efficient fertiliser complex in India. This paper describes TCL Babrala approach, which is a bit different from the conventional maintenance philosophy but at the same time, it is well within the reach of maintenance engineers. The referred cases in the article might be well worth a thought for a new perspective of maintenance. 


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