2016 Ledoux Yara US9527104 Method and device for processing of seed core granules

A method for processing of granules, by forming at least one injection Zone in a fluidized bed where a feed stream of seed particles is contacted or coated by a liquid product by simultaneous injection of the feed stream of the seed particles and a feed stream of the liquid product, forming at least one granulation Zone in the fluidized bed where the contacted or coated seed particles may be at least one of dried, shaped, and cooled to form granules, extracting the granules from the at least one granulation Zone and sorting the extracted granules into undersize granules, on-size gran ules, and oversize granules, passing the on-size granules to post-processing treatment, removing the oversize granules, and passing the undersize granules back into the feed stream of the seed particles, wherein the extracted granules are made to pass through at least one classifier located in the at least one granulation zone.

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