2016 Kulkarni MCFL Greener Production Initiatives at MCFL

Today industrial pollution, soil erosion, deforestation, rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and land degradation are affecting all spheres of human activities and are also leading to major issues like climate change, change in vegetation, increased storm surge, sea level rise etc. Green approach is one answer where we can sustain development, raise performance and also protect environment. Fertiliser sector being one of the energy-intensive industry has enough scope to implement green processes to reduce pollution load on environment. Green technologies are the cleaner way of producing in comparison with the existing technology and there is enough scope for the fertiliser industry to contribute in this direction. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. (MCF), Panambur, Mangalore has implemented many process modifications using green technology concepts and few of examples are indicated in the article. Process modifications, better technology adoption, recycle reuse concept are some of the areas which are adopted with green approach. 


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