2016 Gawade RCF Improving Reliability and Environmental Performance

The urea plant of RCF Ltd., Trombay unit having design capacity to produce 1000 MTPD urea was commissioned in the year 1982 and it was running smoothly till 2001. It had to be shut down due to paucity of natural gas. The urea plant was restarted in April 2009. The plant has been producing more than 100% of its rated capacity on consistent basis since August 2011. The paper highlights the efforts made for enhancing reliability, reducing energy consumption and improving environmental performance of the plant. The measures described in the paper include modification in reactor, replacement of stripper, improvement in efficiency of scrubber, use of useful heat of off gases, etc. These measures helped to bring down energy consumption from 7.358 Gcal to 6.77 Gcal per MT of urea and making plant more environmental friendly.


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