2016 09 Kletz Preparation in maintenance – Modifications Part a

The life of major chemical process plants usually spans several years. The correction of deficiencies and/or inherent problems, and productivity improvements made on a continuous basis will sustain the plant’s viability throughout its desired life. For the operation, maintenance, and engineering staffs, it is a challenge to keep such a plant up and running cost effectively.This necessitates changes and modifications (additions or deletions) in facilities, work procedures, and technology.These changes may result in a violation of the plant’s integrity, unless the changes are engineered and controlled in a structured fashion. Adopting best practices right from the origination of change proposals and continuing this momentum throughout detailed engineering, approval, execution,commissioning, and the final acceptance stages of the change.In the following paper you will see many incidents have occurred because changes were made in plants or processes and these changes had unforeseen side effects.


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