2016 09 Badotherm Solutions for ALL UREA plants

Measuring pressures, levels and delta-P’s in UREA plants is a real challenge. Crystallization, erosion and corrosion risks have to be taken care of. Typically diaphragm (or membrane) type of measurements are applied nowadays but its lifetime is typically limited (e.g. max one year). After this period, these diaphragms face corrosion problems and mostly needs to be replaced. This means the UREA plant needs to shut down mostly unexpected leading to significant costs in production loss. More and more UREA plants target continuous running periods between planned turnarounds of two, four to even six years. Sometimes one is able to keep the plant in operation but one needs to operate the plant under non-optimum process conditions. Such a situation also leads to a significant negative financial impact as illustrated in this paper. BADOTHERM is a well-known manufacturer of reliable diaphragm seal type pressure, level and delta-P measurements suitable for all UREA process technologies. Significant costs can be avoided and additional profits can be gained with the BADOTHERM Diaphragm Seals mounted to Pressure Transmitters, for pressure, level or delta-P measurements. Badotherm has several designs and materials available meeting the specific requirements of the UREA industry.


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