2016 07 Vorobiev NIIK Improving energy efficiency and enhancing capacity of a urea unit through installation of a Vortex mixer in the urea reactor

NIIK as a leading engineering company in Russia and FSU countries working in the field of urea and related products is always looking to improve its technologies. In recent years, considerable progress has been made in research of urea synthesis to increase the production of urea by better conversion. The synthesis process mainly including carbamate formation and dehydration to urea. The objective of this paper is to offer innovative high- efficient design of internal devices in the urea reactor. To ensure efficient mixing of feedstocks in the reactor inlet, NIIK presentsVortex Mixer. Vortex Mixer operates as multistage chamber with tangential input of reagents and swirling flow. With the unique design of the Vortex Mixer, the below targets are achieved: a) large jet angle of outlet flow; b) Intensive gas dispersion; c) No erosive wear of the mixer due to gas location at the swirling jet axis.


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