2016 05 The KAPP CO2 CHILLER

In most urea plants the CO2 compressor is the bottleneck for further capacity increase. In summer conditions the CO2 inlet temperature is typically higher than the design figure. Cooling back this temperature will increase the density and will increase the capacity of the CO2 compressor. Some CO2 chillers make use of cold energy sources like existing the ammonia refrigeration compressor. In summer however many times also these cold energy sources form a bottleneck also. KAPP Heat Transfer Engineers, together with UreaKnowHow.com developed The KAPP CO2 Chiller, which cools the feed CO2 temperature without using cold energy sources from the existing ammonia and urea plant. This paper will describe and evaluate three options for The KAPP CO2 CHILLER. All three options lead to extreme short pay back times as will be demonstrated in the paper.


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