2016 04 Ketz Preparation for maintenance part 3, Procedures not followed

The preparation of a detailed work procedure is essential, particularly for complex, nonroutine work, to ensure that work will proceed safely in a planned and logical manner. This preparation includes the safety part of the job such as atmospheric analysis checklist, lockout checklists, etc… which will be attached to the Work Permit form. At all stages or the work it will be necessary to consider and to define the following requirements:

– The reference drawings and other documents to be provided

– The timing of various stages of the work

– Details of any special equipment to be provided

– The need to inform local authorities

– The necessary safety precautions to be taken

– Details of safety equipment to be provided

– Emergency procedures

The work procedure itself can then be developed in a logical sequence of work-steps. This part focuses on the procedures which will are not going to be followed and cases incidents/accidents.


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