2016 01 Argus Global impact of micronutrient deficiencies

In recent years significant awareness and acceptance have begun to emerge of the important role of micronutrients for the health and productivity of crops, humans and animals. It comes as no surprise that many of these studies were carried out in regions of the world where micronutrient deficiencies were found to have the earliest and largest impact. In this paper a comprehensive study, created by the Argus Consulting Services team, provides extensive insight into the essential role of micronutrients and the enhanced profit opportunities they offer in agriculture. A technical reference and also a practical commercial resource, this study provides a clear view of the economics of micronutrient use, exploring the perspectives of all market participants – fertilizer producers, traders, retailers and farmers. Micronutrients also have a positive influence on the Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency in different crops as indicated in one of our latest Technical Papers included in the Library.



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