2015 Qureshi Sustained operation of urea plant with a leaking medium pressure decomposer

Engro Fertilizers limited, a leading fertilizer company of Pakistan, ventured into an extension in 2007, commissioning one of the largest single train Urea Plant capable of producing 3835 Metric Tons per Day of Urea. Incorporating the Snamprogetti Technology for the production of Urea, the first prill was achieved in 2010. Due to the gas curtailments the new plant faced a number of start ups and shut downs and only achieved sustainability after two and a half years. However, it was in August 2013 that a leakage was diagnosed in the Medium Pressure Decomposer of the system. Condensate was being added into the process steam limiting the downstream sections installed to remove water from Urea solution. Faced with a major shutdown a unique idea was put forward of minimizing the leakage into the process stream, stabilising conditions and deferring the need of a shutdown for its maintenance for 8 months. This paper describes how the leakage was identified on a running plant, the mode of operation adopted to keep the plant running, and the eventual findings during the Turn Around of 2014.

This paper has been presented at the Nitrogen & Syngas Conference in 2015.


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