2015 Prasad Effects of Secondary – Micronutrients on Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency in different crops

Nitrogen recovery efficiency (NRE) is a term used for measuring its use efficiency (NUE). Low NRE is a major concern in India, where urea is the dominant nitrogefertiliser and bulk of it is broadcast applied. However, the information on the effects of application of secondary and micronutrients on NRE is not available, despite a large number of experiments being conducted on levels, sources and methods of application of these nutrients. Most research papers from these experiments report data on growth characters, yield attributes, yield and concentration in plant tissue, uptake and use efficiency of the nutrients under experimentation. Nitrogen concentration and uptake by the crop plants is normally not attempted in these experiments, because it igenerally applied uniformly to all the plots. Nevertheless, it is true that with an increase in biomass due to application of secondary and/or micro-nutrients nitrogen uptake generally increases. Presently there are no terms tdefine this increase in NUE…


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