2015 Lahmady UAEU Ruwais Fertilizer Industries Industrial Training Course

The industrial training at FERTIL was outstanding in various academic ways and personal engineering experience. The company’s major product, urea, being produced by Stamicarbon process technology while other sub-major product by Uhde technology have numerous modern scientific explanations with engineering principles that greatly updated and enhanced my theoretical understanding and knowledge gained in U.A.E.U. 

The training period was full of tasks and assignments scheduled to be completed successfully. The daily theoretical sessions summed up with extensive plant visits greatly facilitated the understanding of the logics used present in the modern technologies for the processes in the company. Though tiring and hectic, the coordination and cooperation was fruitful through my trainee members and the trainers. Working together as a team, made it easier to get through the tasks delegated to us in time. To mention a few, major tasks were to gain theoretical knowledge from the experienced intellects and have exhaustive plant visits to the different departments present in the company such as Utility, Urea, Ammonia, Site Logistics, Technical Integrity Division, and Plant Availability. 

Some of the major accomplishments I can personally mention are team work, industrial exposure, patience, bureaucratic process follow-up and cultural inter-mingle. Through team work, my colleagues and I were able to plan, discuss, and implement our own ideas to eventually accomplish through limited resources. While the industrial exposure I experienced was totally beneficial to me in terms of my academics and personal life in several instances. The patience I built up for different situations had unexplainable impact to my life both internally and externally. Getting to know how hard and difficult to follow-up an issue, was greatly felt during my training period where company rules ought to be followed. Further, the inter-culture observed in the company due to different nationalities enhanced my cultural diversity deeply and vastly. 


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