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2015 Franzrahe UFT US9149763B2 Method for reducing the visible downwind detached plume opacity

The invention relates to a method for reducing aerosol emissions from a urea granulation plant with a recovery of the resulting scrubber bleeds, with a granulator producing urea from a concentrated urea solution and an evaporation of the included water, giving urea granulates and an exhaust of dust, ammonia and ammonium cyanate, and a following scrubbing or removing stage for the dust, and a following scrubbing acid stage, resulting in a first stream comprising mainly aerosols and a second stream comprising ammonium salts, and a following aerosol stage with spray and collection devices, releasing a first stream of an exhaust of air, and a second stream of ammonium cyanate and water, and the second stream of the aerosol stage of ammonium cyanate and water is recovered into the urea granulation plant or into a urea fertilizer plant.


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