2015 12 Anderzhanov NIIK High Speed Drum Granulation

NIIK as a leading engineering company in Russia and FSU countries working in the field of urea and related products is always looking to improve its technologies. This paper illustrates how NIIK apply its advanced High Speed Drum Granulator granulation technology when modernizing the finishing section of urea production plant promoting it to updated performance level. One of the most promising technologies designed by NIIK is a granulation technology in HSDG. The use of this technology for production of compound fertilizers and ammonium nitrate was presented during Nitrogen+Syngas 2013.

Alternative option is using HSDG (High Speed Drum Granulation) technology for prills fattening. This is that case when the prilling tower limits the further capacity enhance. The part of prilled urea is getting treated by urea melt in HSDG which results in growth in productivity. At the same time the size of prills/granules increases and they are obtaining improved strength characteristics at minimal cost. The first commercial-scale of High Speed Drum Granulation unit designed for prills product fattening was installed in Kemerovo (Russia) for «Azot» company.
This paper was presented during Nitrogen & Syngas Conference 2015 in Istanbul.


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