2015 11 Chirkov NIIK Equipment Management – Effective Solutions

Each year NIIK inspects 10-20 urea plants diagnosing corrosion and evaluating technical condition of the equipment. Total count of the inspected items exceeds 5500. The plants that are being inspected vary greatly by process and technology; they run TLR and stripping processes by all major licensors: Stamicarbon, Snamprogetti, Tecnimont, TEC and NIIK. Due to the long-term relations with customers and cooperation with major equipment manufacturers, as well as the extensive data base of materials and their properties, NIIK has been entrusted for provision of the full cycle for equipment services: starting with the procurement process and finishing with estimation of equipment service life and its replacement with the new item. The present article shares NIIK experience in supervision of the manufacturing process, in inspections of the equipment on site using non-destructive methods (including, but not limited to ECT for heat exchanging tubes made of non-ferromagnetic metals, and RFT for ferromagnetic ones), in HP vessels turnkey repairs. Also a brief description of most innovative methods for heat exchangers cleaning is given that have already proved their efficiency. We’ll focus on the importance of comprehensive approach to equipment management in order to assure best performance and reliable operation of chemical plants. Most of the examples will be presented for urea plants, but recently NIIK have also expanded the experience to benefit the operators of sulphuric acid, nitric acid, ammonia, melamine and acetic acid units.

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