2015 10 Orooji Pardis Pipe Conveyor – New start to solve urea handling problems

New developments in the pipe conveyor and belt are advanced to address the growth in the capacity, length and complexity of pipe conveyor systems. These modern day conveyors in various configurations offer unique solutions to the everyday problems of belt conveyors and are accepted by the modern plant design engineers.

The selected pipe conveyor eliminated the need for multiple transfer points and conditioned galleries. Urea product is reclaimed from the bulk halls and transferred to the pipe conveyor, which envelops the product, thus protecting it from dust and humidity. 
Improved belt construction can offer better stability during horizontal curves and resistance to twist. Low rolling resistance rubber compound can significantly lower the power consumption and belt tension, producing capital and operation cost savings. Dynamic analysis, when used to analyze the conveyor’s starting and stopping behavior, can improve the design and reliability Urea handling pipe conveyor systems. 
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