2015 09 Brouwer Pardis Petrochemical Company Visit Report

Pardis Petrochemical Company: Being maybe the most competitive urea producer in the urea industry…

In August 2015, UreaKnowHow.com did visit Pardis Petrochemical Company in Iran. Please find below the visit report. PARDIS Petrochemical Company; a producer and supplier of Urea/Ammonia, is the owner of one of the largest complexes producing Urea and Ammonia in the Middle East and its plants are one of the largest size plants of such products in the world.
The large scale production and applied top technologies, complying with environmental standards, access to natural gas resources, shipping lines of transportation, having vast storage facilities and specialized loading jetty for exporting Ammonia and Urea products are parts of merits and outstanding capabilities of PARDIS Complex and will infer a brilliant prospect international market position for this company.


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