2015 04 Monstrey GGT Drastic reduction in CAPEX and OPEX in Urea Granulation Plants

Green Granulation Technology (GGT) is a leading provider of fertilizer related process technologies, offering urea granulation and other fertilizer-related technologies. It is also the owner and developer of the state-of-the art Cold Recycle Fluid-Bed Urea Granulation Technology (CRG) process. The first CRG process was successfully applied in one of GGT’s projects in China in 2013 (3000MTPD). Since then, over 11.000MT of daily capacity are under construction of which 1000MTPD has is being commissioned today. The Cold Recycle Granulation (CRG) process is modernizing the Urea Granulation world. This is state-of-the-art Granulation Technology, where energy saving, low investment costs and high product quality are combined in a ground shaking new layout and a revolutionary production process. GGT introduces the CRG process and present its characteristics and advantages.

This paper has been presented during the Nitrogen & Syngas 2015 in Istanbul, in 2015.


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