2015 03 Sluyters GEMACO Receiving the right amount and right quality materials in time as promised

This paper elaborates on the specific material quality requirements in urea and nitric acid plants. The paper will provide an overview of the applied materials of construction in the various urea process technologies. Even if one buys the best material or if one is convinced doing so, major problems can appear during fabrication and erection because forming, bending, welding, PWHT etc. may have negative influence on the quality if these are not correctly applied. This paper will detail out several cases. Each turn around, revamp or debottlenecking is different even if the theoretical scheme is well known. Just because metallurgy and chemistry can sometimes hardly live together. This paper will analyze different cases of experiences. This paper will finally highlight Gemaco’s specific capabilities and developed solutions to facilitate endusers in receiving the right amount and right quality of materials in time as promised. The cases of typical corrosion failure modes in ammonium carbamate and nitric acid solutions as mentioned in this paper are described by Giel Notten, NTT Consultancy. This paper has been presented during the Nitrogen & Syngas 2015 in Istanbul, in 2015.


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INCIDENT 12-001: Failure of bends in HP carbamate gas lines. 

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