2015 01 De Amicis Eurotecnica The ultimate 180 mtpd single-reactor project

Since the mid-seventies Eurotecnica has pioneered the high-pressure non-catalytic melamine technology development up to becoming the world leader in this industry. Intrinsically eco-friendly, the Eurotecnica EuroMel® Melamine Process has been evolving in two main directions, reduction in the energy consumption so to minimize the operating expenses and increase of the reactor size for optimizing the investment cost. The design of a new 180MTPD
single-reactor EuroMel® Melamine plant in China’s Xinjiang region is the result of the R&D efforts in developing sophisticated tools for calculating and modelling the fluid dynamics and heat exchange parameters of the equipment, as well as the result of almost forty years of experience in designing and starting up melamine plants. The benefits of this state-of-the-art melamine technology include unparalleled environmental safeguard, top quality melamine consistently produced throughout record high time-spans (new record is 850 days) and superior visibility of EuroMel® brand name. This unique industrial experience makes of Eurotecnica EuroMel® Melamine Process the technology of choice for the investors who want to quickly become reputed and reliable top quality melamine suppliers, such as Qafco Qatar Melamine Company, Methanol Holding Trinidad, Henan Zhong Yuan Dahua, Hubei Yihua Chemical and many more did. To date Eurotecnica has licensed 20 melamine plants worldwide totalling as much as 610kty, almost 40%
of the melamine consumed in the world. In the last 10 years alone Eurotecnica has implemented and started-up 8 new plants; under construction are 3 new additional plants whose sizes are 120, 180 and 240 MTPD. Further details of ultimate 180 MTPD single-reactor EuroMel® Melamine Process will be highlighted through this paper. This paper has been presented during the Asian Nitrogen & Syngas 2014 in Jakarta, in 2014.


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