2014 Singh Effective Port Operations

World trade is pretty much dependent on waterways and a port occupies axis position in this gamut. 90% of trade by volume and 70% of trade by value is carried out by maritime transportation which involves handling through port. Major challenges in the development of a port include environmental and statutory clearances, land acquisition, infrastructure development and the investments associated with it. India has a vast coastline of more than 7500 KM dotted with 12 major and 200 non-major ports. Port sector is destined to play an important role in the growth of Indian economy. Indian fertiliser industry depends on ports for import of fertilizers and faces several challenges related to its handling and evacuation from ports. Effective and efficient port operations are key to success of any port and Mundra Port can be cited as the best example. An infrastructural marvel, it is the country’s largest commercial port and serving as a major economic gateway contributing to Indian GDP growth.
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