2014 Gedigeri OMIFCO Significant Ammonia Recovery from Urea Plant LP Section flared gases

Urea Production technologies worldwide had been proven to be energy intensive and were mostly set up under the disbursement of sparsely available funds for capital expenditure. Though the process licensors put up their best synergic efforts to get to the as low as reasonably practicable energy numbers, still it had been observed that the actual operated plants provide opportunities for bringing in numerous changes for reducing the specific energy consumption and cut down the flare losses. These changes though initially sound like trivial in nature but in actual practice they prove to be highly beneficial and advantageous. Their implementation had been possible by proper evaluation of the systems based on the site specific conditions and the design margins available in the installed equipment.  This paper highlights an innovative concept of its kind for the first time configured in urea plants wherein a totally in-house designed scheme for recovering Ammonia from the LP section of the Urea plants was successfully implemented. The implementation of the scheme has been a major milestone in OMIFCO as it involved meticulous introspection and integration of the existing facilities of all the Ammonia, Urea and offsite utility plants together. After implementation of the scheme in both the Urea plants a total of about 55 MT per day of Ammonia product is being recovered which otherwise was going to the flare stacks adding to the emissions. The scheme had an attractive payback period of less than a quarter year with significant benefits realized in production and in the reduction of environmental emissions.


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