2014 Fertilizers Europe Guidance for Transporting Nitric Acid in Tanks

This guidance for the transport of nitric acid have been drawn up by Fertilisers Europe, a sector group of CEFIC, with the help of expertise from members in order to ensure high safety standards in operations involving nitric acid transport. The guidance deal exclusively with the transport of nitric acid in tanks within Europe and do not deal with the transport of packaged product in small parcels or containers, or with transport on the high seas.  However, it should be borne in mind that even though only transport is considered, nitric acid is subject to other European regulations amongst which are those concerning occupational health and safety and the packaging and labelling of dangerous substances.

Although nitric acid is classified as “dangerous” because of its particular chemical properties, it can be transported and handled safely provided the appropriate precautions are taken.

The transport of nitric acid is subject to stringent national and international rules which must be complied with by all those involved. This guidance go beyond the strict application of the existing rules and all those involved in the transport of nitric acid are recommended to adopt them. However, every user of this guidance has the responsibility to evaluate and apply them, giving due regard to all the specific circumstances in his particular situation. No part of this guidance should be applied or interpreted in such a way that it clashes with existing national and/or international laws. In all cases, legal regulations must always prevail over any part of this guidance.


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