2014 Derashri Thermography – The maintenance edge for fertilizer plants

In today’s industrial plants it is essential that unplanned breakdowns and the resultant costly loss of production is kept to an absolute minimum. Predictive maintenance schemes have been introduced to identify potential problems and reduce downtime.Thermography in maintenance applications is based on the fact that most components show an increase in temperature when malfunctioning and faults steadily get worse before failure. This article is aimed at highlighting the advantage of thermography in Fertilizer Industries. Routine inspection programs using Thermal Imagers can often offer the following benefits:

o lnspections can be made under full operational conditions and hence there is no loss of production.

o Equipment life can be extended oPlant downtime may be reduced

o Plant reliability may be increased oPlant repairs scheduled for the most convenient time

o Quality of repair work may be inspected

Thermal Imagers are mainly used for industrial predictive maintenance in almost all kinds of industries, mainly in the following areas:

-Electrical Installations

-Mechanical Equipment

-Process Equipment and Installations 


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