2014 CN203890067U Carbon dioxide purification device for producing urea

The utility model provides a carbon dioxide purification device for producing urea. A heat exchanger in the device is connected with the bottom of a cooler through a line pipe, wherein the top of the cooler is connected with a separator through a line pipe; the separator is connected with the heat exchanger through a line pipe, thus forming a circulating closed loop; and the heat exchanger is also connected with a steam heater through a line pipe. By liquefying compressed CO2, the heat exchanger and other devices separate out non-condensable inert gas components (H2, N2, CO, CH4 and the like) and heavy components such as oil and water. By adopting the device, on one hand, the concentration of the CO2 can be increased, the oil content in the CO2 gas is lowered, and the conversion rate of urea production and the product quality are effectively improved; on the other hand, the non-condensable inert gas components are separated, a CO2 dehydrogenation device in the traditional device can be concealed, the emission safety of urea high-pressure exhaust is guaranteed, and meanwhile, the separated non-condensable inert gas components can be recovered as raw materials of previous procedures.
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