2014 Brouwer Visit Report ChinaCoal Ordos

ChinaCoal Ordos Energy and Chemical Ltd Transforming Black Coal into White Premium Quality Urea Granules
In September 2014, UreaKnowHow.com did visit ChinaCoal Ordos Energy and Chemical Ltd. in China. Please find enclosed the visit report. ChinaCoal Ordos Energy and Chemical Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Coal Energy Ltd, established in the Ordos region. The coal based ammonia – urea
complex consist of two lines with a total design capacity of 1 mln mtpa ammonia and 1.75 mln mtpa granule quality urea. Currently ChinaCoal’s production capacity of coal based natural gas gained a leading position in China. Further it owns a 480 ktpa methanol plant, in Jiuxin a 180 ktpa ammonia and 300 ktpa urea plant. ChinaCoal actively invests in its coal based chemical business: For example it has under construction world’s largest coal conversion project in Erdos producing 3 mln mtpa DME and olefins. Further under construction are three new coal based chemical sites, namely in Inner Mongolia-Shaanxi (Erdos and Yulin), in Xinjiang and in Jeilongjiang as well as a coke refined chemical site in Shanxi. ChinaCoal is becoming one of the key coal chemical enterprises in the People’s Republic of China.
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