2014 12 Gremillion Emerson Rosemount Level Scanner

Emerson’s Rosemount Level business unit has recently introduced a 3D level scanner for measuring the level in silos or open warehouses. 
The scanner uses very-low-frequency sound to scan dry storage with an accuracy of 15 mm. A combination of the technology (low-frequency sound) and the physical design make the 5708 scanner imperious to dust that would clog or interfere with other level measuring devices. The pictures above shows dust formation on the level measurement, which however does not cause any problems.  In large warehouses where product is stored in multiple piles, the 5708 provides a real-time readout of the total volume in the warehouse.
For very large warehouses, multiple 5708 scanners can be used. The software for the 5708 will combine the readings of the multiple scanners and compensate for any overlap. The 5708 accurately maps the surface of the product. If you are storing in silos, that’s very important because you see uneven build-up in real-time allowing you to take corrective action before the silo is damaged by uneven storage patterns. Any dry material can be scanned. By inputting the density of the material, the total product in tons can be continuously displayed.
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