2014 11 Baboo NFL Neem Oil and Neem Coated Urea

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL), one of the premier manufacturers of nitrogenous fertilisers in the country, has developed a process for production of Neem-coated urea on commercial scale. The extensive laboratory and field studies have shown that the new product produced with a thin film of Neem oil-water emulsion of specified concentration would increase the shelf life of product. “It will reduce caking during storage and also improve availability of nitrogen to crops at the time of growth. It will also result in better crop yield”. The price of Neem-coated urea will be marginally higher than the cost of normal urea. The results obtained under the general parameters have shown an increase in crop yield and efficient pest control management with an average saving. The process will help in harnessing unique properties of Neem for regulating release of nitrogen to crops when mixed and applied with urea into soil and making available to farmers a more efficient nitrogenous fertilisers based upon the research work conducted by scientists of Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi. Urea can be used in an effective manner. Smaller quantities of urea can be more effective than normal quantities being used by farmers currently. This will especially help the paddy crop in low land conditions,” During the on going Rabi season, the company proposes to have more field demonstrations for crops like sugarcane, potato and wheat with reduced doses of nitrogen to extent of 80 per cent through Neem coated urea as compared to full recommended dose through normal urea to establish benefits accruing in terms of increased productivity.
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