2014 10 Khalil Process Technologies Recirculation and Evaporation Stages

In March 2004, Engineer Reda Soliman Khalil has published the first edition of a very interesting and elaborative book describing the Practical Experience in the Main Fertilizers Containing Nitrogen. In this book, which is unique in the industry, Engineer Khalil’s focuses on three main fertilizer types: Urea, Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Phosphate, in addition to Nitric Acid, which is highly involved in the manufacturing of other various nitrogen-based types of fertilizers. This book aims at combining the theoretical and practical experience in the main popular fertilizers produced mainly from ammonia, which is the basic access to all the nitrogenous fertilizers that involve nitrogen as a manufacturing component. Currently Engineer Khalil is Managing Director, Fertilizers, ORASCOM CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES and Board Member, SORFERT ALGERIA. We are proud that Engineer Khalil is one of our Experts (refer to:  https://www.ureaknowhow.com/ukh2/urea-network.html). This part discusses the Recirculation and Evaporation stages in a Stamicarbon CO2 stripping urea plant.


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