2014 03 Wang Scaling of CO2 compressor turbine

Introduce treatment for CO2 compressor turbine scaling in normal production. We never saw the scaling of CO2 compressor turbine 3102-JT previously and did not conduct hot cleaning, which is uncommon in the similar large-sized nitrogen fertilizer production plant. Our detailed hot cleaning plan, prepared based on the structural features and actual operation of compressor turbine, is feasible. After such hot cleaning, the power of compressor turbine 3102-JT returns to the level before scaling, the energy consumption is significantly decreased to a required level. In such hot cleaning, it is not necessary to open the cylinder of compressor turbine, nor to drain the HP system, in addition, the maintenance cost is lowered and the recovery time of startup is shortened and 30h less than that of hot cleaning when the cylinder is opened, bringing more economic benefits. 


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