2013 ZACL IJF Inspection Hortonspheres Ammonia Tank

Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited operates a fertiliser complex at Goa comprising Ammonia, Urea and two NPK/DAP Plants. Product Ammonia is stored in two hortonspheres of 3000 MT capacity each. The first hortonsphere designed by Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) Japan and fabricated by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited (KHI) Japan, was commissioned in 1973. The second sphere designed by Toyo Engineers India Ltd (TElL) and fabricated by Kaveri Engineering Industries Ltd, Tiruchirapalli, was commissioned in 1989. This article highlights the inspection history of Hortonspheres during periodic inspections carried out over the years under Static and Mobile Pressure Vessel (SMPV) Rules (U) 1981.


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