2013 Borisovich NIIK WO2014017954A1 Prilling tower

The invention relates to apparatus for the prilling of products, particularly fertilizers, from melts thereof. Proposed is a prilling tower comprising a hollow housing, a melt sprayer, air supply ports, which are equipped with guiding plates and are positioned above a receiving and guiding device, and a prill discharge conveyor. The receiving and guiding device is made of individual sheets, positioned in two planes along opposite sides of the conveyor and at an angle thereto. The sheets are oriented perpendicularly to the conveyor. A continuously operating vibrator is connected to each sheet, causing the vibration thereof. A portion of the guiding plates located in the air supply ports can be installed at an angle in such a way that the inner edge of the plates is positioned lower than the outer edge thereof. The receiving and guiding device can be made of corrugated sheets and/or have an anti ­adhesive coating. The technical result consists in minimizing the sticking of unhardened material to the surface of the receiving and guiding device, preventing the formation of large agglomerates, reducing the degradation of the prills, and simplifying the design of the receiving and guiding device.


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